Unsure of the worth of a B2B tweet? That's not surprising. After all, the Twitter rage is much more of a B2C social media thing, right? Well, not according to Maria Pergolino.

In a recent Marketo article, Pergolino states that Twitter is actually a more important tool for B2B marketers than it is for their B2C counterparts. Why? "[O]ften, the information [B2B companies] are providing is more technical and harder to obtain than information from well-known B2C brands," she explains. "By putting this information on social media sites like Twitter, you are allowing your followers to see [it] without the distraction of … your website or … [a] search."

The personal choice of viewing the tweets counts here, too: "It allows followers to stay up-to-date on what is interesting to them. And it's completely opt-in," she notes.

In a recent blog post, Pergolino listed some of the ways Twitter supports Marketo's own B2B marketing efforts. We've translated a few here, to demonstrate how tweeting might help your outreach. Consider using Twitter to:

  • Alert customers of new product features and upcoming events 
  • Introduce your products to prospects
  • Share information during tradeshows or events

"This is a type of inbound marketing," Pergolino concludes, "allowing B2B companies to communicate with many people at a time."

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