It's a simple fact: We love watching online videos. In a post at the Digital Marketing blog, Eydie Cubarrubia cites Nielsen Online research that found 119 billion unique viewers watched 7 trillion total streams during the month of April. "Total streams were up 24 percent from a year ago," she says, "while streams-per-viewer are up 27 percent, and time-per-viewer is up 58 percent."

If that's not compelling enough, she has a few other reasons for believing video should play a central role in your email marketing strategy. According to a Forrester study:

  • A video link in an email can increase clickthrough rates by two to three times.
  • Seventeen percent of the marketing executives surveyed plan to use video in their email campaigns.

According to Cubarrubia, successful implementation depends on posting videos where they may be easily found—but not embedded in your message. "Most ISPs have a limit to how much information can be in an email," she notes, "and an embedded video would far exceed this limit. Instead, just include links to the video within the message." She passes on a Forrester recommendation: make the link visually interesting by using a screen shot.

The Po!nt: Get ready for your close-up! Film a couple of cool videos, and send the links to your list. Now is the time to beat your competition to the video punch.

Source: Mobile Storm. Read the full post here.

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