Once in a while, a digital ad grabs you just like that. And one thing that really boosts its impact is if the person featured in it is—you. Read on: 

Last year, to sell tickets to its women's basketball games, Gonzaga University released a video of a coach calling the ONE person whose attendance would get the team to play like champs. That person was you: a friend could enter your phone number on Gonzaga's "Inspired Season" microsite, which in turn would email you the video. And while watching it, the coach would actually call your phone, give you the "please come!" pep talk, and then—right before your eyes—run back into his locker room and tell the girls you'd make the game after all. Cool stuff.

Same deal with a recent Lifelock/Celebrity Apprentice campaign: users could enter your name on their subsite, and you could see it splattered all over faux news reels—and on a placard toted by Donald Trump!

Now, just-launched Vontoo V2 makes it easy to add this kind of surreal touch to your own company's integrated efforts. Prior to watching your V2-enhanced video, viewers are asked to provide basic contact info—name and phone number—before it starts. Whatever they enter is integrated onto the screen; they can also receive unexpected phone calls while watching from whatever celebrity personality you dream up.

For a taste, check out their effort for The Golden State Warriors.

Bonuses: The information users enter is collected in an opt-in database for you. Vontoo is FTC-compliant. And you get built-in analytics!

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