"Value, desire, and price rule our lives as salespeople," says Mike Sigers in a recent post at the Simplenomics blog. When a prospect considers a purchase, Sigers explains, the product's value is determined by their desire. For all of us, he says, "If you desire something … it becomes valuable to you."

He then applies that perspective to the sales process and offers this advice to B2B marketers for improving interactions with prospects and clients:

Talk to them about them. "Quit talking to prospects and customers about your process, your facility, how long you've been in business, the CEO's family tree, etc.," he says. "Start talking about the benefits your product or service will bring to those who 'own' it, who invest in it."

Paint a picture to make it real. "Use 'word pictures' to help them imagine themselves owning or using your product or service," he advises.

Give them a taste of ownership. "Let them 'feel' ownership," he suggests, by walking them through what their world is like when they have your product or service. "Then take it away," he adds, "momentarily, by reminding them they have to 'own' it to live like that." (A little cruel, but effective.)

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