Not long ago, your spell-check would have revolted at a word like blogosphere; type it into a recent edition of Microsoft Word, however, and you won't see that angry red squiggle beneath its 11 letters. The bastardized term has been accepted by the software as a "real" word. Likewise, most people know what you mean when you use verbs like "tweet" or "google" to describe online activity.

You never know which new slang word will take, and this makes a visit to our Marketing Addictionary site all the more entertaining. Users enter their own terms and/or definitions—some serious, some silly—and visitors also have the opportunity to rate contributions with their own thumbs-up or thumbs-down assessment. If you haven't been to the site since we last wrote about it, here's a roundup of some popular terms:

Nglsh, noun, The rapid disappearance of vowels in the English language due to texting and Twitter.

Social Greedia, noun, 1. The act of abusing social media tools for the sole reason of making a profit and not giving back to the community or conversation. 2. Being overly concerned with one's prominence within a social network whereby more time is spent "making friends" and "gaining followers" than actually engaging the community.

Find your own Marketing Inspiration in the wit and wisdom of user-generated content at Marketing Addictionary.

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