In a post at the blog, Dennis Dayman presents a short series of off-the-cuff emails that his wife wrote in response to his question about video in email marketing campaigns. Dayman wanted to know whether she—a stay-at-home mom—found the concept appealing.

In her first email, she explains that the point is nearly moot, since she opens very few marketing messages in the first place: either they're irrelevant, or she has become annoyed with the sheer volume coming from certain companies. "You know," she says, "like the neighbor kids that ring your doorbell incessantly even though you've told them time after time you're not coming out to play? Yeah, bothersome like that."

In her next few emails, though, Dayman's wife comes to these conclusions:

  • Her interest might be piqued with a punchy subject line, a menu of interesting videos and a link to a website where they may be viewed at her leisure.
  • She would more likely prioritize a visit if she knew that a video would be available only for a limited time, or would soon be sent to a less-convenient archive.

Dayman's wife likely speaks for many typical subscribers when she says, "[I]f a marketer isn't careful, he's going to get an introduction to my delete key far more often than he's going to get my attention, or in this particular case, get me to push the play button."

The Po!nt: Go Hollywood with care. When incorporating videos into emails, consider the points this mom makes if you want to keep your subscribers interested and happy.

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