We spend a lot of time discussing topics like deliverability and relevance, but rarely touch on another factor that plays a critical role in successful email marketing campaigns. "Process is such a basic thing that is so often ignored," says Kevin Senne in a post at the Email Experience blog. "We have very little margin for error when delivering an email. If you make a mistake, it is out there for the world to see, usually with bells and whistles."

By establishing—and sticking to—a well-defined production process, you greatly reduce the chances of an embarrassing e-mistake. Senne recommends a focus on these areas:

  • Keep your eye on the big picture—from concept through production—and keep a rolling calendar to plan for the future.
  •  Develop and test templates that reduce the time and effort spent on quality assurance.
  • Establish a repeatable process for gathering information, testing, gaining necessary approvals and launching the campaign.

"Document, document, document all of these processes," says Senne. "Putting down the process on paper helps you on a number of fronts." For one thing, your team will be able to devote its energy to creating the best possible campaign—and not waste time wondering whether someone proofread the copy.

The Po!nt: Form that assembly line. To err is human, but having an established email production process will help you limit mistakes—now and in the future.

Source: Email Experience Council. Read the full post here.

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