Good news for all you budding Spielbergs out there: YouTube this month made it possible to automatically seed freshly uploaded videos across popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and even news and feed aggregator Google Reader. This means you no longer have to wait for your (undoubtedly stunning) viral somethin'-or-other to load, then manually link it to all your fans. Now, after you link your external social network accounts on its Upload page, YouTube will disseminate whatever you upload to wherever you please.

Imagine it: a few minutes after you publish your material, followers, friends and fans get the pleasure of seeing it on their news feeds and streams! How cool is that?

The Facebook connection in particular has already yielded unexpectedly good results for companies like event producer C3 Presents. It recently integrated Facebook Connect with its Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits Music Festival websites. Since then, pageviews for the sites are up 99 percent, pages viewed per visit are up 34 percent, and average time spent on the sites is up 20 percent, Facebook reports.

Imagine the possibilities for marketers: that entertaining-yet-truly-informational opus you just shot gets its own mass audience (among your loyal opt-ins)—just like that.

The Po!nt: Automate—à la 2009. You'll give your online videos the latest best chance they have to succeed—and cut your promo legwork down in the process!

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