"I get a fairly large number of content marketing emails each week," writes Galen de Young in a post at the B2B Marketing Blog. "I'm surprised how many of them come from companies who do a pretty good job of SEO on their sites, but don't apply the same practices to the email marketing content hosted on their site." He offers tips for search optimizing your B2B email copy. Among them:

Create appropriate title tags. "Most email content … I receive clicks through to a Web page where the title tag is the same as the article title—and often the article title [is] devoid of any keywords."

Use keyword-rich ALT tags. These may not be the same for your email as for your site copy, de Young notes: "The ALT tag in your email should be used to induce people to open or load your email; the ALT tag on your site is primarily for search."

Don't post all of your email content on a single Web page. "Keep page content focused," he says. "If you have multiple articles in your email, put them on individual pages on your site."

Specify an appropriate URL for each page. "Don't let your Web team choose some abstract URL," insists de Young. "Ideally, the copywriter understands SEO, and the keyword strategy for the page, and can specify a URL consistent with that strategy."

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