As of June 13, Facebook has made it possible for users to secure a URL for both their profiles and any Facebook Pages they administer.

Why this matters: Facebook is super-juicy SEO-wise. It's rich with content, oft-accessed, and constantly being updated. Securing a vanity URL with your name (for your profile), and with your company name (for your Facebook Page), gives you an extra opportunity to shine in organic search results—where Facebook typically ranks quite well.

Why else this matters: People interested in you, or curious about a social-media campaign you're running, don't need to dig through Facebook search. You can just give them a clean, straightforward URL:


Note, however, that you can reserve company names only for Pages you already administer. And you can choose a URL only once, so choose with care!

If you have any copyright/trademark-related concerns about somebody squatting on your company name, be sure to contact the Facebook team. Remember: over the Net, a domain name is real estate. Protect your brand and protect your space.

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