In today's challenging economic environment, marketers are seeking better ways to maximize ROI. One way is to leverage insights from both SEM and email to drive greater success across channels. In a recent article at Inside CRM, Ram Krishnamurthy and Brad Neelan offer up five strategies for using such a twin approach to boosting ROI:

Use search marketing as a test-bed for both channels. Because paid search produces an abundance of immediately available data, an SEM testing process should be the first step in uncovering the optimal mix and creative strategy.

Apply findings across-the-board. For example, when specific language structures perform well in search, apply that knowledge in the email channel to drive results.

Invest in landing pages. Research shows that sending searchers and email recipients to a specifically created landing page, rather than a generic site page, increases both Quality Score and ROI.

Integrate messaging strategies based on both SEM and email data. Keyword and query strings provide data for tailoring landing pages and homepage content, and data sets created from email campaign analysis can inform search-keyword creation for specific consumer segments.

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