What are two of the biggest obstacles companies face in link marketing? Consultant Justilien Gaspard believes they are: (1) developing linkable content, and (2) making people aware of it. In a recent Search Engine Watch article, he offers advice on how to overcome these Big Two and start linking up with hot prospects:

Study related industries. While your close competitors are busy investigating each other, study what other industries are doing. If, for example, you're in the vitamins business, then study the plastic- surgery and health-insurance industries. "The key is to widen the scope of places where you get ideas," says Gaspard.

Look for questions. When the same questions continue to come up in forums, it's an indication that the answers aren't out there. Create content focused on those answers—and present it in a Q&A page, an instructional video, a blog, or an interactive tool like a calculator.

Promote your content. Find and become involved in forums, Q&A sites, blogs and social media where people are interested in your topic, product or service. Answer questions, and point people in the direction of useful information. But don't spam. "It's all about building a reputation," says Gaspard. "As a solid reputation and awareness are built, others will also start to point people to your content. That will lead to links," he assures us.

The Po!nt: You need to give to get. Uncover what content people are in need of, provide it, let them know you have it, and a boost in traffic through link-building should follow. Don't be shy: Give it a try!

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