Software and software as a service (SaaS) companies are often so enamored with the features of their technologies that they're prepared to shout them from the nearest rooftop, calling out the advanced capabilities that distinguish their product or service from their competitors'. But that's the easy part, writes Douglas Karr in a post on The Marketing Technology Blog. "The problem is most people aren't buying technology." While features may abound, customers are investing in results—as defined by them.

"Whenever your company is investing in technology, it's not the hardware and software (sorry engineers!) that they are buying—no matter how cool," writes Karr. "What your company is really investing in is the people in front of and behind the product … the salesman that they trust … the entrepreneur who started the company … [and the] people who have solved the problem that keeps giving you headaches."

Listening to your customers and acting on their needs is important, especially for technology startups. "Even within the Software as a Service industry companies have found that they can't hide behind a customer support page or knowledge base… or worse, a customer forum," says Karr.

"SaaS customers need to understand how to fully leverage the solution they've invested in to be successful. That requires competent, experienced employees who understand what it takes."

The Po!nt: It's you they're after! Your customers are investing in the service and results that you and your team deliver. Hire people you trust and empower them to give your clients what they need.

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