When it comes to webinar campaigns, less is usually more. Relying on a "spray and pray" approach may drive attendance numbers initially—but often leads to higher drop-off rates and fewer qualified leads. In a whitepaper titled "Top 10 Tips for Webinar Invitation Success," Connect Direct Inc. (CDI) offers advice for developing concise and engaging webinar invitations that help you stand out from the crowd, the first time around. Here's a summary:

  • Sell the webinar, not the product. Focus on your objective: recruiting qualified leads to your event. Stay clear of product superlatives and mention benefits only in the context of your event.
  • Use your most valuable real estate (headline and subhead) wisely. Resist the urge to be clever, opting instead for the facts: what, when, why and how to register.
  • "Lead with a compelling benefit," advises CDI, and forgo "setting up" your pitch. Phrases like "as an IT manager, you need…" only waste space, pushing the important message below the fold.
  • Call to action, early and often. Don't wait until the end of the email to ask prospects to register.
  • Use incentives strategically. Rather than offering the "gadget du jour," select an incentive that's relevant to the topic and doesn't "cheapen the event or your brand," says CDI.
  • Test your subject line. Include what and why (what the event is, and why the reader should attend) and test multiple versions.

The Po!nt: Outperform your competition with relevant and focused invitations that drive attendance and demonstrate that you value your customers' time and attention.

Source: Connect Direct Inc. Download whitepaper here.

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