While vigorous debate continues over Twitter's real business value—and its long-term viability—high-tech executives and marketers are experimenting with Twitter today, using it to nurture relationships and improve their visibility by sharing information about their business and industry. Not surprisingly, when Twitter and email campaigns are integrated, the effectiveness of both is improved, writes Janine Popick in her blog, VerticalResponse. Here are some ideas:

Gain followers. Use other marketing channels to recruit Twitter followers. List your Twitter handle on your website, business cards, email campaigns and email signature. People can then follow you, allowing you to track them.

Boost email marketing. Use Twitter to increase the impact of your email campaigns. Take your subject line and tweet it, including a link to your hosted version of your email. "You'll likely be reaching part of an audience you never knew you could," says Popick. "If they like your content they'll click through and read it, then they may even sign up to your list."

"Make sure to include a 'Follow Us on Twitter' link on all of your e-mails campaigns," Popick adds. "A follower may want to 'try you on for size' by following you on Twitter before making the commitment to join your e-mail list."

The Po!nt: Think of Twitter as a complement to the rest of your marketing program. Leverage your email marketing campaigns to boost your Twitter success, and vice versa.

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