According to The Wrap, ABC has chosen an unorthodox way to promote a new comedy on its fall schedule—by keeping it hush-hush. "The network is offering the sneak peak of '[Modern Family]' only to members of a special online fan base it's built called ABC Inner Circle," writes Josef Adalian. "Around 20,000 consumers are part of the Inner Circle, having signed up or been recruited to join via ABC's email databases."

If they like what they see—so the word-of-mouth thinking goes—fans who savor their privileged position are more likely to wax enthusiastic on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

"Members of Inner Circle began getting notifications of the 'Family' screening earlier this month," continues Adalian. "If they decide they want to watch the show, ABC sends them a code that allows them to screen the pilot online via an ABC media player."

Since the open sesame is a universal code, the network expects it might be shared with members' friends, which will broaden the reach of those who feel like insiders.

By building anticipation with the positive buzz of its most dedicated audience members, ABC hopes to attract the largest possible audience for the premiere of Modern Family. Your Marketing Inspiration is to remember the allure of exclusivity: Let a few good customers in on the secret, and they're likely to spill the beans.

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