Here's a juicy tidbit to chew on: One of the reasons Facebook is such a force in the social scene is that it makes it easy to catch up with friends without actually having to talk to them. Yep, you got it: Your Newsfeed outfits you with their latest photos, blog posts, purchases and even thoughts. This means the circle of people that a person feels close to can expand without much work from said circle or person.

...Smell that? That's the sweet smell of a la carte relationship management, fresh out of the oven!

Brands, too, can take advantage of Facebook's knack for spoon-feeding relationships into users' laps. If you're into e-commerce, or have a site that invites users to engage with it in some way (such as YouTube), registering for free with Facebook Connect means friends can see what users are buying, uploading or otherwise doing on your site.

It also avails you numerous communications tools, making your site more engaging with little or no work on your part. Heavenly!

Imagine being able to port comments, make easily disseminated content, and stimulate discussion without having to add to the developers' queue! Well, you can do it all right there, right now.

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