"If you're interested in building a flourishing online brand and website that generates links and traffic organically as part of your Internet marketing efforts, it's important to develop an active base of subscribers and fans," says Adam Singer in a recent post at the Online Marketing Blog. Here are a few ways that turning searchers to subscribers to fans can naturally boost your site's SEO, according to Singer:

Your RSS subscribers will boost your information-sharing. These influential users are the top contributors on the Web, Singer reports, and well worth wooing. "Reach them with messages worth spreading, and your content can resonate exponentially," he notes.

"Social proofing" will help you convert your visitors to new community members. As you build up your subscribers/community members, comments, or Tweets, they "will act as 'social-proofing' elements to new visitors that your content is relevant, authoritative, and worth subscribing to," Singer explains.

Your site will become a go-to online destination. As you cultivate a known reputation for quality, visitors will become conditioned to linking to your site. No more need to search them down! As Singer puts it: "Popular things just get more popular."

"[T]he end goal is to create one popular area" to serve as the hub of your online identity, Singer advises.

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