Just when B2B marketers felt they had mastered Web 2.0, along comes talk of Web 3.0. Yikes. So what's the talk all about? And must you listen to it?

In a recent post at the B2B Insights Blog, J. Leigh Brown offers a brief overview of Web 1, 2 and 3 to clarify their differences. If you're reassessing your website for 2010, this breakdown might come in handy. Some highlights:

Web 1.0: One-way information flow. "Web 1.0 was the Web as an information portal," Brown says. "Content was owned. … Publishing was static with no interaction."

Web 2.0: From publishing to participation. Then along came the savvy, demanding user. "Web 2.0 (coined in '99, made popular in '04) revolves around information-sharing and collaboration," says Brown. "It's about user-generated content … and the power of the community to create and validate information."

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