This time of year, the word "viral" strikes fear in the best of us. Images of flu viruses ready to attack spring to mind. (Shudder.)

But that word holds a scary connotation for B2B marketers just about any time of year. After all, once an online B2B campaign goes viral, it takes on a life of its own—and it can turn on you.

So, might there be some "preventive medicine" you can apply that will help ensure a viral campaign stays healthy? In a post at her B2B Marketing blog, Loredana Niculae offers a few prescriptions. To maintain campaign health, she says:

Do your homework. To ensure you start off strong, first find a few role models. "Research several social-media sites … to discover what the big success stories were for industries related to yours, and try to replicate that success," Niculae advises.

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