When your email campaigns encounter deliverability issues—especially those for which you are not at fault—you might think the best way to resolve your problem is to make friends with an ISP representative and schmooze your way to an acceptable solution.

But in a post at the Word to the Wise blog, Laura Atkins says that won't work: "There is no place in the reputation systems where delivery can be modified because the delivery specialist knows or is liked by the postmaster at an ISP."

In most cases, she argues, the vast majority of issues can be cleared up without contacting anyone at an ISP. But for those issues that do require the assistance of a representative, Atkins offers advice to help marketers present their situations clearly. Among her tips:

Provide a brief description of your problem, with all the information a troubleshooter will need. "At the bare minimum," she says, "include the sending IPs, any domains in the rejected email and full copies of the rejection message. Pull this information out in a way that someone skimming the message can easily pick out."

Allow at least 24 hours before you follow up. Hounding the ISP for an immediate response will not make your ticket a top priority.

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