If you blog, you've certainly encountered your share of bizarre, offensive or spammy comments. It comes with the territory. Each of us has our own standard, and you've probably developed a list of commenting no-nos. But do your readers know what they happen to be?

"I publish every reasonable (and some unreasonable) comments on my blog," says Ian Lurie in a post at his blog. "My tolerance for dumbassery is pretty high." Nevertheless, his readers still commit 10 sins that qualify a comment for instant deletion. So if you want to post a note at his blog, keep rules like these in mind:

It should make sense. No one expects grammatical perfection, but it is reasonable to require a discernable point. "I make allowances for folks typing English as a second language," he says. "But if your name is Bob Smith, check your grammar."

It should also contain more than one or two words. From Lurie's viewpoint, a comment like "Great!" adds nothing to the discussion. "It may give me a brief, happy glow," he says, "but I'll still delete it."

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