While some believe that the rise of Twitter and Facebook has sounded email's death knell, Jordan Cohen, writing at the Pivotal Veracity blog, disagrees. He takes issue with statements like this one from the Wall Street Journal: "Email has had a good run as [the] king of communications. But its reign is over." Cohen counters: "There are at least three mega-trends occurring that indicate email is experiencing a Renaissance; not an apocalypse." Bold words, but he backs them up.

Here are the trends Cohen sees as actually boosting email's strength:

  • Participation in social networks is increasing email usage. Sites like Twitter and Facebook rely heavily on email alerts, and conversations begun at the sites often continue through conventional email channels.
  • Email functionality is broadening. Advancements will make possible the incorporation of elements like video and JavaScript into everyday emails. "Consumers want richer email," notes Cohen, "and they're going to be getting it in the months and years ahead."
  • Smartphones are helping marketers replace costly SMS campaigns with email. By 2013, according to one study Cohen cites, the number of handheld devices with access to email accounts will reach one billion. "This will elevate email to a whole new level of relevancy for marketers and customers alike," he confidently predicts.

The Po!nt: People like having choices. Although social networks will undoubtedly change the way customers communicate, there are many reasons to believe they won't replace email—they'll complement it.

Source: Pivotal Veracity. Read the full post here.

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