When rapper Biggie Smalls released "Ten Crack Commandments," he intended his lyrical advice for entrepreneurs who operate in a niche—and entirely illegal—industry. "The track is meant to be a crash-course for would-be crack dealers," notes Robert Moore at The Metric System blog, "but Biggie's ten commandments actually add up to some pretty sound business advice for any industry."

So, whatever your field of expertise, you might benefit from thoughts like these on edicts for wannabe dealers:

  • Never let 'em know your next move. "Innovation drives long-term business value," says Moore. "If your company prematurely discloses its strategic plans, it gives your competitors a head-start on emulating or surpassing your innovative strides."
  • Never trust nobody. Especially when handling intellectual property, he notes, "A healthy sense of paranoia is a valuable asset for business operators."
  • Never get high on your own supply. When you become addicted to your product or service, you often lose perspective, and the ability to make good decisions. "If you're too wrapped up or emotionally invested in any aspect of your business," he says, "it won't be easy to modify that idea when it leads you to a better opportunity or strategy."

The Po!nt: The Notorious B.I.G. may be not be your idea of a small-business adviser, but as Moore notes, "It's not a coincidence that many rap stars are also successful entrepreneurs."

Source: The Metric System. Click here for the full post.

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