You wouldn't add random people to your email list without their permission—you know better than that—but perhaps you're willing to take liberties with the email addresses of prominent bloggers like Chris Brogan. After all, you might reason, if he likes what he sees, he might forgive the spam you sent—and share the wonders of your offer or newsletter with his entire audience.

Well, think again.

"I just unsubscribed to another six email marketing newsletters that I never subscribed to in the first place," writes Brogan at his blog. "Because I comment on a lot of marketing blogs, I ... get signed up to a lot of their newsletters, without my consent and without opting in."

News flash: The average person doesn't appreciate such an intrusion, and neither does a new-media star. "If you push unwanted messages into my face over and over again," Brogan states, "you're the enemy." Now, is that really what marketing hopes to achieve? Tsk, tsk.

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