As subscriber engagement becomes a critical factor in the deliverability rates of email campaigns, removing inactive recipients from your list is more important than ever. To keep your list as clean as possible, "Mark" of the MailChimp blog recommends a three-message series that asks non-responsive subscribers if they still want to receive your offers.

"Sending a series of renewals increases the likelihood that a subscriber will renew if he desires," he explains, "or that he'll make an active decision not to renew."

Your renewal campaign might have subject lines like these:

  • Do You Want to Renew Your Subscription? In the body of the first message, ask the recipient if she wants to continue her opt-in status. She can answer by clicking on one of two links—one for yes or one for no.
  • Your Subscription to [Company Name's] Newsletter Expires Soon. With the second notice, tell a subscriber she doesn't have to do anything if she would like to opt out—but that she may click on the yes link to renew her subscription.
  • Your Subscription to [Company Name's] Newsletter Has Expired. Finally, let her know she won't receive further messages unless she reactivates her subscription by clicking on a link.

"Regardless of the frequency of your normal campaigns," says Mark, "we recommend sending the reactivation series over three weeks, with one email per week. That way, you won't overwhelm your subscribers with email, but the series will be frequent enough that you'll keep the reactivation request fresh on their minds."

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