In a recent Search Engine Land article, Andrew Goodman predicts that the biggest risk in 2010-2011 for search marketers may lie in working with outdated assumptions about the size and potential of target markets and the paid-search channel. As a remedy, he suggests five investment or expansion "risks" that could well pay off when pent-up demand returns with a vengeance—and we rebound by mid-2010, as he projects. Ready to take a risk for a rebound? Here we go:

  1. Content targeting. "You'll want to optimize [this] channel heavily and bid it carefully," Goodman says. Don't ignore the deep benefits of "automatic matching" and the reach it provides, he advises. Think expansion while monitoring matched results.
  2. New ad formats. Keep "a close eye on Google Local and how that integrates with AdWords," and on "new ad formats ... product images and other experiments coming from Google," he says. An interesting one, says Goodman, is "the potential inclusion of 'additional links' from your top-position paid-search listing. The effect of this could be to push competitors down the page," he notes. 
  3. Dayparting. "Some advertisers are ramping up bids a lot during hot times of the day," which could seriously impact your volume, he warns. You might "fight fire with fire by scheduling in bursts of bidding where you're up there at 150%-200% of your base bid," he suggests. 
  4. Facebook ads. This channel "provides highly targeted customers, in reasonable volumes, for the long haul," Goodman notes. At this point, "looking into performance-based Facebook advertising is a no-brainer," he states.
  5. Bing! Start budgeting now in preparation for the Bing search-engine platform consolidation and expansions in mid-2010 through early 2011, Goodman advises. As the year unfolds, clean up "outdated advertising programs that haven't performed for you," consolidate your budgets and focus your team's efforts to "budget for Facebook and Microsoft in 2010-2011," he concludes.

The Po!nt: Get ready to rebound! Use tips like these to prepare now to grab solid search-market share in the upturn.

Source: Search Engine Land. Read the full post.

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