"Do you know what your data [are] telling you?" asks Kelly Lorenz in a post at the Bronto blog. If you're not sure what to make of the copious information contained in reports from your ESP—opens, clicks, conversions, etc.—she has several tips for becoming what she cheerily terms a "data whisperer." You might, for instance, ask:

  • Do results meet my expectations based on goals and past performance? If your campaign experienced an unexpected dip or a spike, find out why. "You may need to do some testing to make this determination," Lorenz notes.
  • How many times do subscribers open each message? The more frequently customers open each message, the more likely it is that they are engaged with your brand.
  • Where do people click within my message? The trends you observe might influence link placement and decisions to drop underperforming products from future offers.
  • What are subscribers clicking on most? What's pulling them in: Your preheader, your products, your navigation bar?
  • How many times do subscribers click on each link? Multiple clicks might be a positive sign that the link contains content worthy of repeated visits. "It could also be indicative of trouble," warns Lorenz. "If … someone is clicking four or five times on a link to a PDF, that may mean they are having trouble accessing the document," she explains.

"The ultimate goal of your email marketing campaign should be to provide personalized, targeted and relevant content to your subscribers," Lorenz notes. "Analyzing your messages' performance will help you take strides to meet that goal."

The Po!nt: Ask the right questions, get the right answers. "Go forth," advises Lorenz. "Be the data whisperer!"

Source: Bronto. Read the full post here.

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