Belgian beer label Stella Artois has added a splash of engagement to its marketing strategy with Le Bar Guide.

Developed by Acrossair, Le Bar Guide is a free app that points users to the nearest bar serving Stella. Run searches by ZIP Code, or switch the augmented reality feature on—and have it point you, in real-time, to the closest watering hole! (You can also search by country if you're planning a trip and want to prep ahead.)

CEO Chetan Damani of Acrrossair says the concept is about more than marketing, it's about "providing something the user would use on a regular basis."

This speaks to the philosophy that marketers can employ the intimacy of mobile to serve customers right where they live—and humbly become a near-indispensable part of their everyday life. In this particular case, Stella Artois lovers will never have to wander unfamiliar streets in futile pursuit of cool, refreshing solace ever again!

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