The Great Recession has certainly not spared nonprofit organizations. With contributions down an average of nine percent, many charitable organizations have been forced to cut services. Some even face closure.

Fortunately, though, the news is not all bad. "With the right marketing mix, savvy nonprofits are able to leverage social-media marketing to their benefit to reach and engage donors and offset declines," notes Adam Boyden in a guest post at the Daily Fix blog.

He highlights the efforts of Alicia Staley, a three-time cancer survivor and director of the Staley Foundation, who has made online networks a central component in her development activities:

  • Staley communicates with fans and donors on Facebook, where she also provides updates on meetings, news and events. "She is also planning to use the new Cause application to run a fundraiser this summer," says Boyden.
  • As someone with a story to tell, Staley maintains a first-person presence on Twitter. "Many business organizations have corporate handles," Boyden explains. "However, in the world of nonprofits, a more personal and direct presence is required." So far, a pair of Twitter-promoted fundraising efforts has netted $5,400 for the foundation.
  • At LinkedIn, Staley participates in Q&A discussions on topics like creating effective boards and managing committees. "This virtual peer group keeps Staley connected to other leaders in the nonprofit world," Boyden notes.

The Po!nt: Chin up, and socialize! A smart social-media strategy might be the answer to renewed giving if your nonprofit has taken a hit.

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