Good news, nonprofits! At Le Web this year, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan discussed how, in an era when a panoply of tech options are available to us at a finger-swipe, we can pick and choose the charitable causes we support in the same way we pick and choose our outfits.

And one of the real benefits of being constantly connected to nonprofit outreach is that we can create real change where it's most needed—without having to join the Peace Corps or open up a complicated donation website.

Recent cases in point: In the weeks following the Haiti earthquake on Jan. 12, Americans pledged more than $41 million via text message donations, according to a report in the Christian Science Monitor.

And services initiated by the Red Cross and rap artist Wyclef Jean (of Haitian heritage) have been enabling users to donate $5 or $10 to relief efforts just by sending a text message. The total amount is drawn from the donor's mobile bill at month's end.

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