Let's face it: If your marketing approach consists of sporadically touting your company's greatness via the overpopulated social mediaverse, you're about to get absolutely nowhere—except ignored. Or hated. Blacklisted, even. 

Frustrated with today's confusing social-media etiquette? Well, don't be! There are sassy methods for making your outreach simply ooze old-fashioned Southern charm, and win hearts across the land the refined, time-tested way.

First, step away from the megaphone. Now, behold a classy social strategy for keeping prospects and customers intrigued:

Step 1: Introduce Yourself, and Get to Know Them. Consider how you'd go about selling yourself rather than your product. If being liked is your goal, how do you interact in person? Certainly not by blasting people with your awesomeness, we hope. Taking time out of your day to speak to folks in a genuine way? Sounds more like it.

Step 2: Plan Your Dates. Remember, your outreach should never be haphazard. Once you've hooked an audience, reel them in with consistency. This means setting up a weekly promotional schedule and sticking to it. That will help you stay on task and draw admirers.

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