A local search strategy should include more than just a presence at Google, Yahoo and Bing, says Jay Berkowitz in an interview at the New Times blog. Search marketers should also look to the tools and trends that consumers are embracing, he advises. Here are his tips for adding the latest trends in social media to your search-marketing explorations:

Blogs. Search engines love lots of words and frequent updates, which are the building blocks of blogs. An added benefit of a blog is the subscription feature, which feeds your content to interested readers whenever it's updated, Berkowitz reminds us.

Facebook. Search engines will pick up on a business's Facebook page, he notes. And having a Fan page helps you build a list of fans who like receiving your product and info updates.

YouTube. As the number-three website in the world behind Yahoo and Google, and now the number-two search engine behind Google, YouTube is the place to be. Try creating product- demonstration and how-to videos that could go viral.

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