What happens after a subscriber opens your message, likes the offer, clicks through and makes a purchase?

"Do you simply count them as another customer," asks Dylan Boyd at The Email Wars, "or…do you take the next steps in the lifecycle?"

According to Boyd, the savvy marketer has no less than three opportunities to further engage a customer following a click of the "buy" button.

You can:

  1. Use an order confirmation to encourage further purchases. You might provide a discount code for their next purchase, or an offer they can pass along to friends. "I am a satisfied shopper right now," argues Boyd, "and it is an ideal time to use me as a referral source."
  2. Use a shipment confirmation to promote similar items or announce upcoming deals. This type of message "often gets more opens than any other as we tend to keep it and use it until the order arrives," he notes.
  3. Use a survey to request feedback on the product and opinions of the overall experience. For example: "How did it go? Were things easy to find? Did you have any issues that came up that we could address? Would you recommend us to someone else?"

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