How much does a new pack of razors cost you per month? Eight dollars? Ten? More than those little blades are worth? Well, Pierre de Nayer recently decided people should be able to get good shaves without being scalped, and he did something creative (and market-based) about it.

Enter Raz*War, a bootstrappin' startup fueled by social brawn. Its raison d'être is "quality shaving, fair prices." Raz*War induces users to fight the "supremacy of big brands," and its weapons are as grassroots as the guerrillas of yore: It blogs! It Facebooks! It even tweets!

The program is so simple you wonder why no one thought of it before: For one of three subscriptions starting at 27.50 Euros, Raz*War sends users 30, 60 or 90 triple-blade razor-heads a year. That's about the cost of three packs of razors from your razorblade overlord of choice.

There are other products, too—elegant handles, beautiful boxes, natural shaving oils and gift packs—all at market-competitive rates.

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