Looking for ways to introduce a new product or solution—or generate business leads? Hosting a webinar is a relatively easy and inexpensive option, provided your goals are defined at the start, according to Business.com's B2B Online Marketing Blog.

Having a clear target audience and stated objectives will help you plan your event, develop your content and messaging and establish key criteria for selecting your webinar-conferencing software/service provider, the post points out.

Below, selected tips from Business.com for running a successful webinar:

  • Select a webinar provider that understands your needs, can steer you toward the right product and can address key considerations (e.g., a toll-free conference bridge, the right level of interactivity required, on-demand/recorded version requirements).
  • Craft your webinar registration form wisely. If you're focused on lead generation, select form fields that capture relevant information. But think about your long-term goals. Do you, for example, anticipate making this webinar a series? If so, consider adding a checkbox for opting in to future offerings and webinar invites. Use a minimal number of form fields, and keep form visibility above the fold.
  • Get the word out. Send email invites to your current subscribers, or consider renting a quality list. Feature the webinar on your website. "Friend" any involved vendors or partners. Tweet, blog and spread the word using social media.
  • Practice! A week prior to the webinar, set aside one hour a day to practice. Review content and software features you plan to demo. Practice the basics of using the control panels, recording and launching interactive features such as chats and polls. Plan for technical difficulties: Designate someone for tech support on the day of the event.

The Po!nt: When planning a webinar, first nail down your business objectives and target audience. Doing so will help you develop better content, select a webinar provider and execute your event successfully.

Source: Business.com's B2B Online Marketing Blog. Read full post here.

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