It's no secret that link-building can help boost your bottom line and make your SEO efforts a whole lot easier.

So, here's a thought: To help improve your site's organic visibility, why not leverage the power of your entire company and have everyone contribute to active link-building? That's what Mark Thomson advises in a recent post at the Search Engine Journal. He recommends considering the roles of employees to harness the strength of each department:

  • Management/executives can provide "direction and guidance into industry websites, key influencers, and overall messaging."
  • Subject-matter experts, including product managers, department heads, and specialists, all have expert knowledge in their specific field of expertise. "The idea is to get their knowledge and thoughts out on the Web," Thomson explains.
  • Administrative personnel are usually "in charge of a lot of day-to-day tasks and heavy lifting," he observes. They are "a perfect fit for helping to promote content on the Web and building the actual links," he notes.

Here are some ways that Thomson suggests all employees can contribute to link-building:

Spread presentations or slideshows across the Web. Add company slides to conference websites, specialty sites like Scribd and Docstoc, employee blogs, social-bookmarking sites, or social-media profiles.

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