...will go unnoticed by Google.

That's what some search pundits are saying these days: To achieve smooth-and-easy SEO, you need to spell out who you are, plain and simple, for the search engines—even if it means inserting a keyword in your primary domain name.

"[C]ore branding principles tell us that when naming a company or product, go unique or go home," writes Pete Kloppenburg at the Distility blog. "But some basic mechanics of search-engine optimization ... favor the plain-English approach."

Example: Let's say you have a company called Rawsome, and no plans to make anything but deodorant, Kloppenburg suggests. While Rawsome.com is an obvious first choice, he notes, you'll improve search rankings with the domain name RawsomeDeodorant.com. It's clumsier, yes, but also much more SEO-friendly.

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