Now, even your offline world can have a social element: Sotokolan, whose slogan is "Objects get social," enables you to attach your Facebook page to a custom QR code.

(A QR code is like a barcode that, when scanned, points users to a Web page or reveals other digital information.)

Through Sotokolan, you can order a set of stickers with the QR code for your Facebook page and stick them wherever you want—on clothes, phone booths, cash registers, packaging, even soccer balls. You can also create QR code stickers for events, then share those stickers with fans—who can disseminate them in their circles. Talk about reach!

When scanned by the camera of a person's mobile phone, your unique QR code automatically connects that user to the Facebook page of your company or event. They can "Like" it on the spot or at least get a sense of what you're about. If you're running an event, be sure to make the address and contact details prominent if last-minute attendees use the QR code to find you.

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