When people click on your unsubscribe button, there's a good chance it takes them to a preference page where they can confirm the unsubscribe request, or adjust their subscription to a topic and frequency they prefer. But what about including an offer that tempts them to stay?

In a post at their blog, the Bronto team discusses the merits of a 25% discount coupon offered by one online retailer to potential unsubscribers—specifically, whether the offer seems desperate or brilliant. Here are a few highlights:

Kristen Gregory sees the strategy as a way to grab a final sale rather than keep someone on an email list. "If this were me attempting to unsubscribe," she says, "I would do the following: 1) unsubscribe anyway or 2) go ahead and use the coupon and then unsubscribe. One negative consequence of this approach is that people can continuously feign unsubscribing in order to receive non-stop 25%-off coupons—unless this is somehow set up as a one-time offer."

Kelly Lorenz finds the wording confusing. "Combining the offer and unsubscribe language intertwined ... makes it hard to discern what I need to do as a consumer to either redeem or unsubscribe," she notes.

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