Chloe Sladden (@ChloeS) of Twitter recently said Twitter was worth more to MTV during the 2009 Video Music Awards than Nielsen was. Twitter worked with MTV to provide illustrated data on reactions as users watched the VMAs. Kanye West's interruption of artist Taylor Swift's acceptance speech made a splash: A line graph indicated a spike in interest in Kanye when it happened. But an accompanying tag cloud showed that sentiment wasn't positive.

"TV [used to be] what you talked about with people the next day," Sladden said. The difference now is, "the water cooler effect doesn't happen the next day, it happens now." (Just think how many folks were reminded to tune in to the VMAs with the Kanye tweets.)

To demonstrate how Twitter's data can complement that of other services, the company has launched Twitter Media, outfitted with case studies on what it's done for a range companies.

Might you want to partner with Twitter? Some reasons to consider it:

  • It helps serve your audience right there, as they discuss your events, promotions, content right now.
  • It offers a whole extra layer of engagement. Example: made the 2008 election coverage more fun to watch by superimposing selected tweets over the news.

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