"Reps selling into complex organizations need to be enabled with at least three levels of detail," Andy Hasselwander writes in a post at the B2B Marketing Confidential blog: "one for the business lead, one for [the lead's] researchers/support in the deal, and one for the technical folks that will [perform] the implementation."

Hasselwander bases his advice on research that his company conducted. The "number one thing reps need ... [is] cascading detail about the solutions" they're selling, the research found.

In other words, each set of sales-enabling talking points provided to B2B reps should cascade through each of the staff levels defined at a prospect company, targeting details along the way.

Case in point: If you're focusing on a value proposition, Hasselwander suggests the details might cascade like this:

  • Business lead: Acme helps me realize my performance targets by providing the best productivity tools, functioning flexibly with my existing systems.
  • Researcher: Acme provides superior performance-management tools across the finance and HR functions, at a superior value/price ratio to the competitive set.
  • Implementer: Acme's integration services are flexible and best-in-class, and they can be installed on any of my core systems using its customization kit.

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