In a post at HubSpot, Kipp Bodnar argues for the integration of your business blog and your corporate website. "Blogs are dynamic; they drive fresh content that prospects and search engines love," he explains. "Traditionally, corporate websites were static; they had traditionally served as digital brochures for businesses. By connecting your business blog to your website, you can transform your website into a dynamic resource and generate search engine traffic from your blog posts."

And to achieve the best results, Bodnar suggests a strong call to action that drives traffic from your blog to the areas of your site where actual lead generation happens. He recommends placement in three areas:

At the end of a blog post. "If someone has just read a piece of your content," he says, "it is likely they are at the peak of their interest. If you can place a call-to-action at the bottom of a blog post that connects with a content offer similar to the topic of the article, then you can dramatically increase your response rate for generating business blog leads."

In the top bar and side bar. You won't enjoy tremendous click-through rates on calls to action placed in this less-than-prime real estate, he admits; but you will attract the attention of visitors who are scanning the page, rather than reading the content of the post.

Text links within the body of a post. "Use these anchor text links to direct readers to landing pages with a relevant offer as a way to help supplement lead generation and target readers who are focused on solving a particular business problem," advises Bodnar.

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