In a post at the B2B MarketingSmarts blog, Susan Fantle recalls a negative thought recently expressed by a client—one she's heard countless times. "It occurred to me that it might be time to share [a] list of bad thoughts so that other B2B marketers might see the possible error of their ways," she notes.

Fantle offers these four examples of rotten marketing thoughts that could be limiting your results. Any of them ring a bell?

We tried that and it didn't work. "Regardless of what the it refers to, my response is, 'Give me the details. Tell me the target, the website, the response device, the list, the sample size,'" Fantle says. "I'm likely to find not just one, but dozens of bad marketing practices used in the campaign."

I'm reaching everyone I need to reach with email. Frankly, that's impossible, Fantle states. Email lists "average only 30 percent of the target universe available from direct mail lists," she reports. "B2B marketing only using email is, therefore, missing two-thirds of available prospects."

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