In a recent Search Engine Land post, Matt McGee reports on Google's experiment with new metatags designed to help identify original sources of online content found through Google News searches.

Google's blog post refers to the use of the new syndication source and original source metatags as an experiment: The company says it is waiting to see how people use the tags "in the wild" in order to "find the best use for them." The experiment, McGee notes, applies only to Google News, not to Google's other searches.

Feeling adventurous? For those ready to brave the new metatag wilds, McGee offers insights like these:

The syndication-source metatag applies to websites that syndicate their content to others, and gives Google a signal "that their site is the one that should be included in Google News," McGee explains. "In a perfect world, the tag will be used by both the site that syndicates its content, as well as the site that receives and publishes the syndicated content from another source," he notes. Construct the tag like this:

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