You've heard a lot about social community managers, but what exactly do they do?

In short, they monitor conversations in the social media space (and that takes a lot more than just good listening skills).

To clarify how a good CM goes about his or her work, Edelman's David Armano has put together a handy-dandy community management scenario map. We like this map because it lends clarity to murky people-facing situations—and could help you choose your CM-types more wisely and avoid mistakes on your company's social journey.

In the map, you'll find that the role of a CM:

  • Divides into four basic actions: listen, assess, engage, repeat
  • Depends on whether the conversations surrounding your brand are compliments, complaints or other issues (which will vary depending on your service, brand or industry)
  • Requires discretion (to be able to determine whether an issue is legitimate and worthy of response, for instance)

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