"Right now, the [Web analytics] industry places far too much value on the measurement side of our work, especially compared to the output side," says Evan LaPointe in an intriguing post at the Atlanta Analytics blog. Measurement, he argues, "probably accounts for just 5-10% of the total value of analytics."

According to LaPointe, three components of Web analytics could prove crucial for improving business results in 2011:

Measurement. Though he ranks its value low, LaPointe concedes that measurement will remain important in practice ("critical, even"). However, he insists that analytics teams need to "start talking about what [they] do, and the value [they] create on top of the measurement."

Strategizing. "The next key point is improved Web and offline strategy in the form of good ideas that come out of measurement," LaPointe continues, "and this probably accounts for ... another 25-35% of the upside or potential value of analytics." Focus more on data-based strategizing, he advises.

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