"It's doubtful that any small business owner sits down to compose a business plan and starts the list with a No. 1 priority such as: Get lost in the crowd," writes Steve Woodruff at MarketingProfs Daily Fix. "Yet, it would almost seem that many people, when naming their companies or coming up with a tagline, actually adopt that as a goal!"

So if you prefer not to be noticed, Woodruff has advice like this:

Choose a name that means nothing at all. If you go with a nondescript name like Global Strategic Business Solutions or A&B Associates, you'll keep potential customers wondering what you actually do—and blend right in with all the other Global Strategic Business Solutions and A&B Associates in your office building's directory.

Describe what you do as generically as possible. According to Woodruff, companies use vague descriptions like "We supply business improvement products and services to businesses all over" to appear universally relevant. But at a significant cost: "[N]ow, out of 50 million companies, you're one of them," he says.

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