In a recent issue, we discussed the importance of setting up a responsive social listening strategy, including addressing the voice of the customer (VoC). Here's a closer look at what that entails.

In a recent article at ClickZ, Neil Mason describes the best way to implement a successful VoC program. According to Mason, the best programs "provide tracking data to look at performance over time as well as diagnostic data to drill down into specific issues."

Among Mason's tips for maintaining a strong VoC program:

Make it somebody's job. Measurement systems require ownership, Mason notes. A qualified person should ensure the VoC program runs smoothly, questions remain timely, and relevant insights are extracted at the right time.

Integrate your VoC data with other data. Measurement is only as strong as how deeply it's integrated, he says. This can mean investigating behaviors with a customer-experience measurement tool like Tealeaf to assess comments left on your site. Or at a deeper level, you can integrate VoC results into a Web analytics database. Your analysts can then pinpoint relationships between opinions and behaviors.

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