Did your marketing team slow down a bit during the dark days of January/February? If so, they probably weren't alone. Once peak marketing seasons ebb, "many companies stop their marketing activities with the rationale that they will spend on marketing during the next busy season," according to a Promo Direct post at its Promotional Ideas blog.

But allowing "quiet spells" like these at any point in the B2B marketing year is simply bad business practice, Promo Direct argues, adding that truly effective marketing means being consistent year-round. "A quiet spell now is actually a result of lack of planning and marketing six months ago."

To help boost your client list, your relationship with current clients, and your overall results, Promo Direct suggests you engage in simple daily, weekly and monthly marketing activities such as these throughout the year:


  1. Send one email to or call at least one new contact.
  2. Add at least one prospect's name to your list of potential clients.
  3. Add one more personal detail about a current client to your client database.

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